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Temporary 100% hospitalization

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My spouse who is a retired veteran is currently in the hospital. He was released to a licensed skilled care nursing facility. I read that it may be possible to apply for temporary 100% when hospitalization is greater than 21 days for service connected disabilities. He was admitted to the hospital under emergency situations and was med evac'ed out of the area to a regular hospital.

He had:
* critically low potassium, magnesium
* imbalance of electrolytes
* high ammonia level which resulted in altered status (hallucinations, issues with short term memory..)
* high white blood cell count

Over 2 weeks, they determined that the mental issues had been going on for some time and that he had cirrosis of the liver and requires a transplant.

While in the hospital and the licensed skilled nursing facility:
* his blood pressure has as high as 205/115 (while in the hospital) and while in the nursing facility has been on average 140/105.
* he has issues with digestion and complains of reflux.
* he currently has a hemorrhoid that is visible.

I understand that problems could arise if i re-open the claim for the 2 conditions that were reduced if I make an attempt to file for temporary 100% if he qualifies. Any help or assistance that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!
asked Jan 31, 2016 by Victoria Flores (180 points)

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