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Welcome to Hero Answers, a question and answer website for US veterans and all the issues they have.

Government is not administering efficiently and this make information difficult to find for government employees. Veterans also have special issues of their own and tend to be older, this compounds the difficulty in getting them access to information and resolving the issues they have.

What Veteran Questions are On Topic Here?

The whole reason this site works is because we our community provides direct and useful answers for veterans. Please bring your specific questions about whatever you need, and someone will likely get back to you soon. This is not a place for discussions. There are plenty of other websites on the internet (and hotlines!) for that but our goal it to improve veteran’s lives through better access to information.

The questions on the site say a lot about the community. To attract experts, you need a site where people are asking very interesting and challenging questions, not the basic questions found on every other Q&A site. Your goal is to make it clear that this is a professional site.

Just a crazy example, here is a question from a plumber’s Q&A website, and we want to be like them:

You want to capture the moment that plumbers feel when they look and say, "Whoa! That's my kinda site!" On a site about plumbing, there are 200 easy plumbing questions, and they've all been asked 100 times on other sites. Don't suggest questions like "How do I unclog a drain?" Instead ask, "If you run 2.5 GPM through 50 feet of 1/2" galv pipe, how many psi will be lost to friction loss?" Remember, pro sites WILL attract the enthusiasts, but not the other way around!

Ask questions that can be answered

Avoid asking questions that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion. Stack Exchange does not work well with questions like "Which is the best…"

Off-topic questions are important, too

If you have a good, useful question in mind, but aren't completely sure that it's on topic, ask it anyway; others can then discuss the subject and together determine if it is appropriate for the site. Questions that simply don't fit in the scope of the site should be closed, indicating that, while perhaps interesting, this topic is inappropriate for this site. This helps to define the very outer boundary of a site.

Topic areas may include

The list of questions

  1. Is there an effect on alcohol metabolism when using sertraline (Zoloft) to treat PTSD?

  2. Do VA disability benefits cover back pain when first symptoms start after active service?

  3. When does TRICARE dental benefits maximum annual benefit reset each year?

  4. In evaluating hearing loss from tinnitus, will VA consider pain if not related to reduced hearing?

  5. Do VFW surviving spouse benefits provide benefits to same-sex spouses?

What we need

  1. We need you to help moderate and answer questions, please commit to using the site and helping other people

  2. Find other forums discussing related topics and direct them to the site (SEO)

Where did this come from?

This website is a project by William Entriken, a former US Navy Engineering Apprentice and family member of many veterans. I hope this is helpful and can improve the lives of US veterans everywhere.